Tackle twill

Take your garment to the next level. Tackle twill or appliqué is an extremely durable, 3-D application process that adheres a custom-cut twill design onto a garment. Any shape, letter or design can be custom cut from a polyester twill material and sewn onto almost any garment for an extremely finished look. Tackle twill gives your merchandise an extra boost of quality and authenticity. Tackle twill is a great option for greek organizations, school sweatshirts, sports jerseys, varsity jackets and more!

REQUIREMENTS: 25 items per order 

Large format printing

Using large format printing, make a statement and stand out at your next trade show, add indoor or outdoor signs to brighten up your workplace or draw attention to a new promotion. We can print your banners, posters or signs on a variety of materials including: gloss, satin, vinyl, water-resistant, watercolor, canvas, static cling and more. 


Digital Printing

Need help growing your brand? Phresh Prints Ink can help. With our custom digital printing services, we’re able to customize business cards, digital postcards, hang tags and more, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

REQUIREMENTS: 24 items per order.